educational theatre Extension program


"Being taught by Willie Jones and Jeffery Cook has helped me to learn about myself as an actress and how that ties into me as a person. They have opened my eyes to techniques and styles that were foreign to me, and taught me the things that I love about performing."

Karina G. - Incoming High School Junior

what is the educational theatre extension program?

The Educational Theatre Extension Program, or ETEP, was created as a way for students to extend their learning over the summer in an effort to not only decrease the likelihood of Summer learning loss, but also as a way to bolster the Theatre Education they have already received. It is not meant as a replacement to in class Theatre Education, but as an additional component for committed students to use in furthering their own knowledge.

The program is based on the idea that all good Theatre Education programs are built on a foundation of Theatre History, and that by having an understanding of Theatre History students are more likely to be admitted into the collegiate, or conservatory, programs they most desire. We believe this to be true whether you are an actor, a director, a designer, or a playwright, and while our tutors cannot guarantee you will be accepted to your dream program, we do believe we can help increase your odds.

We utilize a small group approach, each course is limited to 6 participants, in order to give optimum opportunity for growth. Additionally we have “office" hours for one on one instruction, guidance, and/or feedback. The exception to the small group are the sessions dedicated specifically for Theatre History. These are delivered in a more traditional class environment by our tutors. During the typical week students should expect to have a course specific lesson on Monday, office hours on Tuesday to help with the project for that week, a joint Theatre History lesson on Wednesday, office hours on Thursday, and ending the week with a presentation and evaluation of their project on Friday. Monday and Wednesday sessions are scheduled to last at least 60 minutes. While there are no grades given, work is evaluated by the tutors and expectations must be met in order to earn the certificate. Group sessions are recorded in the event a participant is unable to meet live that day.

Let us be clear, this is not an actor training program, nor is it an online acting camp. Think of this as summer school for theatre people. Each of our courses have been designed by people passionate about Theatre Education and those who pursue it. Whether you are just starting out in high school, or looking at following up on that theatre dream later in life, we believe that committed learners want to learn and we want to make that possible for them.